Describe a party that you enjoyed - IELTS speaking cue card

Describe a party that you enjoyed - IELTS speaking cue card

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Describe a party that you enjoyed - IELTS speaking cue card


IELTS cue card questions like "Describe a party that you enjoyed" are frequently used to gauge a student's ability to communicate well under a limited time. The candidate will have two minutes to talk about the subject and one minute to write a response. After that, the examiner will pose questions about the subject.

In this blog, you can check the sample responses provided for the cue card “Describe a party that you enjoyed" to get ideas on how to phrase your own response. You can consider using these responses as a starting point for creating your concepts. Additionally, you can see what the follow-up questions entail.

Describe a party that you enjoyed cue card – sample answer 1


Attending a party is fun for all ages and a wonderful way to celebrate life and interact with others. One loves to arrange a party and invite everyone around for lunch or supper on special occasions. People interact, play games, and socialise with new individuals when they get together. Young people adore having parties, which they occasionally plan. 


Whose party was it, and what was it celebrating?

I'm going to talk about a party that my friends and I threw. It was an unforgettable event that will live on in our memories.  Since we are all ardent cricket fans and we defeated our toughest opponent, the celebration was unprecedented on this occasion. We had been looking forward to this cricket match for a long time.


Where the party was held, and who went to it?

Since our friend's farmhouse is only a few miles from our hometown, we decided to host this celebration there. We are a large neighbourhood friend group that plays cricket together. We all have strong bonds because we attend the same universities and schools. Everyone who was a member of our team and our friends came to the party. Our neighbours and parents also applauded, so they were all invited in particular. 


What did people do during the party?

We all friends planned the party on our own, and it was a big get-together and celebration of a time that came into our lives. We decorated everything ourselves; no professionals were employed anywhere. We all handled things on our own because it was a unique occasion.

The party was a huge hit with us. First of all, we had a reward and recognition ceremony where we awarded trophies and awards to every player to thank everyone who supported our squad. After that, a musician friend of mine performed some tunes. We danced to both Western and traditional music. 


Explain what you enjoyed about this party?

Since I was instrumental in my team's victory in the competition and my goal was to commemorate this moment, I thoroughly enjoyed the party and made every effort to make it a magnificent occasion. I also oversaw the entire party's administration, and since we handled everything ourselves, the celebration had a unique touch. Talk of gossip and criticism had no place here. It was a fantastic activity for me because everyone was cheering and smiling.



Overall, this party was not just about celebrating our achievements but also about celebrating our friendship. It reminded us of the bond we share and the joy that comes from being in each other’s lives. 


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Describe a party that you enjoyed cue card – sample answer 2


I have loved a lot of parties, but one in particular stands out and deserves special attention.


Whose party was it, and what was it celebrating?

I want to talk about a party that I really liked. Our class had a farewell celebration, which I recall the juniors at the school organised. The juniors made the decision about the student dress code at this party. Everyone was required to arrive at the theme party dressed as a cartoon character. I dressed like 

‘Naina’ from “Ye jawani hai diwani” movie.


Where the party was held, and who went to it?

This party was organised at the school auditorium. All the batchmates, class teachers, and principals were present at that party. 


What did people do during the party?

At this party, I enjoyed a lot with my batchmates. We all danced to the DJ and ate amazing snacks. Suddenly, a musician by the name of Anuv Jain appeared to promote his just-released song. To the tune, my friends and I shook our legs with joy.

Following that, I got to know the vocalist and took a few photos. When I showed my family and friends the photos, they also became envious.


Explain what you enjoyed about this party?

Aside from this, I had a great time during the celebration as it was my farewell party. It was, after all, my last day of school and a special occasion. And I relived every memory I had of my classmates from school.

I gave a speech about how well I was doing in my classes and my future objectives. Following that, a few of my teachers also showed up there, blessed me, and gave me trophies for being a good house captain and student.



Overall, it was an amazing party and a moment which I’ll never forget in my life. 

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Describe a party that you enjoyed cue card – sample answer 3


Celebrating important occasions with family, friends, and loved ones is always enjoyable. Family get-togethers are very significant. I'm going to talk about a fun family get-together that my uncle threw.  


Whose party was it, and what was it celebrating?

My uncle was having a good time at his party, celebrating his promotion to CEO of the company he had worked for ten years. In order to celebrate his accomplishment, my uncle decided to throw a party, and he invited all of his loved ones. Since my uncle has always been a dedicated worker and a happy man, we were all delighted with his achievements. 


Where the party was held, and who went to it?

The event was held at Night Jar, a five-star hotel, which is a spacious and elegantly furnished hall complete with tables, chairs, and a dance floor. My uncle's relatives were there, including my parents, grandparents, siblings, and cousins. His close friends and colleagues were also present during the celebration. 


What did people do during the party?

His colleague opened the proceedings with a welcome speech that praised my uncle's behaviour and work ethic. This was followed by a memorable dinner that included many different cuisines. When the music started after dinner, everyone started dancing and having a good time. The highlight of the party was the cake-cutting ceremony. As he was slicing the cake, we wished him luck and gave him our congratulations. 


Explain what you enjoyed about this party?

For me, this get-together was delightful. Seeing my cousins and other family members again after a long time gap was wonderful. My family and I had a great time dancing to the amazing music. Not to mention, the meal was excellent, and I relished every bite of it. These days, I truly cherish those recollections.  



The event motivated all of us, and our favourite part was witnessing our uncle's success. There was a lot of energy in the room, and everyone was cheerful. The event was a lot of fun overall. 

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IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Follow up questions

These are some more questions to ask after answering "Describe a party that you enjoyed." You get about four to five minutes to explain questions from your cue card or questions pertaining to general topics throughout this exam segment.


Question: Why do people like parties?

Answer: Attending parties is enjoyable for people for a variety of reasons. Parties provide an excellent way for people with busy schedules to decompress while still having a good time. They also make it possible for people to interact with their friends and relatives.


Question: Why do some people not like going to parties?

Answer: Parties are disliked by certain people for a variety of reasons. One common element is introversion; introverts tend to favour intimate settings over grand social gatherings. In addition, some people may be bashful or uneasy in big groups; these people could value their privacy and seclusion, skipping gatherings to stay in their comfort zone. 


Question: Do you think those who tend to stay at home are less healthy than those who often attend parties?

Answer: Partying doesn't affect someone's health; what matters is their lifestyle. If someone leads a sedentary life, going out can negatively impact their health. On the other hand, if someone leads an active lifestyle, they won't complain about anything and can drink, eat, and dance without experiencing any health problems.


Question: Do you think music and dancing are a must at a party?

Answer: Yes, as they add to the overall ambience and enjoyment, music and dancing are frequently regarded as necessary components of many celebrations. They are not necessary, though, as some parties might concentrate on other activities or themes. Depending on the nature of the party and the guests' tastes, music and dancing may or may not be required. 


Question: What would you do if you were disturbed by a neighbour’s party?

Answer: It's a good idea to speak with your neighbour respectfully and voice your concerns about the noise if you're disturbed by their party. A peaceful conclusion can frequently be reached by asking them to turn down the music or thinking about finishing the celebration at a suitable hour. 


Question: What are the differences between holding a party at home and in a public place?

Answer: Although it may not have as much room as it might, hosting a party at home seems warm and intimate. Larger meetings can be held in public spaces, although they are more formal and can be more expensive. The decision you make will rely on the type and scale of the party you intend to throw, as each has its own benefits. 


Question: Do children like to party?

Answer: Yes, children enjoy the party because they get to eat yummy snacks and other sweet treats, which makes them happy. Parents also purchase them new clothes, and playing games with friends is one of their favourite pastimes, making them love the party.


Question: Do adults like to party?

Answer: Indeed, many adults like going to parties to unwind, mingle, and commemorate memorable milestones. While tastes and styles of partying may differ, social events and get-togethers are nonetheless well-liked among adults as opportunities to socialise and have fun. While some individuals might like loud parties with music and dancing, others might prefer more sedate get-togethers.  


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You can ace your IELTS speaking cue card question by providing thoughtful and truthful answers to the questions related to the given topic. Therefore, you must take practice exams or mock tests to polish your abilities and raise your IELTS speaking section score.


We hope now you have an idea of how to answer the “Describe a party that you enjoyed” type of questions in your IELTS speaking test. But, still, if you are, if you want to get further details or would like to prepare for IELTS, then you can contact Prepare IELTS Exam(PI) expert counsellors for further guidance. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best test material and guidance to ace the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session and an IELTS online practice test via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388 for further queries. 


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