Describe a place where you would like to go to relax - IELTS speaking cue card

Describe a place where you would like to go to relax - IELTS speaking cue card

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Describe a place where you would like to go to relax


"Describe a place where you would like to go to relax" is a commonly asked cue card question in the IELTS speaking exam. Exam prep takes one minute, and candidates have two minutes to talk about it. If candidates think they won't remember the answers, they can also take notes.

However, many pupils require assistance to respond to these kinds of IELTS speaking cue card issues. We have included some sample answers in this blog to help you understand how you can respond to these kinds of queries. So, let’s begin with the blog!

Describe a place where you would like to go to relax cue card - sample answer 1


Here, I'd like to describe a location that is very special to me. Suvali Beach in Surat is a hideaway that is now my favourite area to relax. It's a sanctuary for relaxing and relieving tension because of its sandy beaches and calming waves.


Where is it?

This beach is located amidst industries in the outskirts of Surat and is becoming popular among locals for picnics. 


What is it like?

Adorned by the soft murmur of the ocean, this tranquil haven lies on the outskirts of a seaside town in an industrial area. The beach's golden view and crystal-clear waves evoke a tranquil and serene mood.


How often do you go there? 

My favourite time to visit this place is in the early mornings, when the sun rises and creates a warm light on the horizon. The gentle sunlight and the cool wind combine to create the ideal atmosphere for a tranquil getaway. Since this place is around 10 km from my house, I like visiting on alternative weekends, which are twice or thrice a month. 


And how do you feel about this place?

I have a special attachment to this beach getaway. The immensity of the sea and the rhythmic sounds of the waves help me achieve inner serenity, making it the perfect place to relax. Sometimes, I just sit there and enjoy the sunrise or the sunset view, while sometimes, I just take my book along and read it with a mesmerising sound. 



Essentially, this beach retreat is more than simply a place; it's a haven where the tides' rise and fall correspond with my quest for calm and relaxation.

Describe a place where you would like to go to relax cue card - sample answer 2


One of the most important things that individuals need to do to stay energetic and robust in their daily lives is relax. I also have a place to relax: a public library. I enjoy spending time here reading a variety of literature, which helps me feel relaxed. 


Where is it?

Despite having many other options, I find that going to the library helps me relax. This may sound strange to others, but everyone has a different choice for relaxing. I enjoy reading books in peaceful settings, so a library is a good environment for me. I frequently go to the New Book Public Library, which is conveniently located near my house. Actually, this is the only tranquil spot I can find in the whole city.


What is it like?

This location is quite big. The volumes on the shelves seem to contain all of humankind's and civilisation's history. In addition, the library has a few extra features. There are lots of places where you can grab a book and get reading. Seeing so many beautifully adorned books on such wide shelves is incredibly pleasing to the eye. Another intriguing aspect is the range of books available. You may find almost any kind of book here. This place is like heaven, with everyone engrossed in reading literature. Additionally, the seating arrangements are elegant and cosy. 


How often do you go there? 

Initially, I wanted to use the library just to read books. However, reading within the library is subject to certain requirements. No one is permitted to interrupt the silence in this area. I have to do things quietly if I need anything. I adore the method of working silently and peacefully. Additionally, I'm able to borrow books that interest me. As a member of this public library, I frequently carry books from the library home that I am unable to finish. Moreover, I am glad that this library is close by and it saves me time when I visit. From my house, I can get to the library in a matter of minutes. Also, this library remains open for 24 hours, which is great. Visiting a library is my daily routine. I try to sit there at least for 1 hour and read books. 


And how do you feel about this place?

This location is favourable for me for several reasons. First of all, this is a fascinating spot to curl up with a book. I feel at peace with myself when I'm reading. Actually, reading books calms the mind and promotes inner serenity. In addition, a range of books are accessible for me to choose from based on my preferences. I also enjoy the library's atmosphere. Everyone is occupied with their own tasks. Inside the structure, everything operates without a hitch or turmoil. In addition, this is a great spot to unwind, and anyone is welcome to read books here for as long as they like.  



Overall, this seems like a nice spot to unwind, especially with all of these features and advantages.

Describe a place where you would like to go to relax cue card - sample answer 3


After a busy schedule, people look for a place to feel relaxed. Everyone has distinct spots where they go to unwind, such as parks, gyms, spas, religious sites, or recreation centres. 


Where is it?

For me, that magical place is home where leaving feels good and returning feels even better and relaxed. 


What is it like?

My house is situated in the city's outskirts, allowing me to enjoy a pollution-free environment with a lush green view. The skies are clearer in the night, and I can clearly gaze at the stars from my window or terrace. We also have a small garden attached to our house, where I can go for a walk and meditation. Aside from this, my room has a sizable bookshelf filled with books in a variety of genres. In the room, there are also headphones, my iPad, a laptop, and a Bluetooth speaker, which I can use whenever I require them. 


How often do you go there? 

Since I live in a different city for my job, I visit my home on weekends, on some occasions, or during the festive season. 


And how do you feel about this place?

The fact that I’ll be able to meet my loved ones and have alone time without any work pressure makes me feel very relaxed and excited about visiting my home. Moreover, during the rainy season, the lush green view with raindrops falling against my room's windows creates a comforting and unusual sound. 



So, there is no place which can be compared to home. We may enjoy ourselves and our families here.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Follow-up questions

Question: How do students relax?

Answer: Well, students can relax in a variety of ways. They might unwind by watching a movie or hanging out with their pals. They can also enjoy fun activities like games, sports, and quality time with their family.


Question: What activities do employers organise to help employees relax?

Answer: Employers frequently plan wellness seminars, sports competitions, and team-building exercises to promote relaxation among staff members and a healthy work atmosphere. 


Question: Do people now have more ways to relax than in the past?

Answer: Yes, people have more options for resting now than they did in the past. Thanks to technological advancements, people may now use smartphones, tablets, and other devices to relax. For instance, people can practise meditation with smartphone apps like Calm and Headspace. In addition, people can relax in the comfort of their own homes by engaging in activities like gaming, watching movies, and listening to music.


Question: Do you think natural scenery is more helpful than indoor activities?

Answer: For leisure, I like to be in natural settings. I find that being in nature, whether it be in a serene park or a beautiful location, allows me to decompress and remove myself from the daily grind. Natural environments are tranquil and serene due to the quiet and fresh air they offer, which makes them perfect for relaxation.


Question: Do you like to visit movie theatres?

Answer: Indeed, going to the movies can be a really enjoyable way to relax and spend a few hours away from a busy schedule. It provides an immersive experience that is enjoyable and soothing at the same time.


Question: Where do Indian people like to go on weekends?

Answer: Indians love to visit a range of locations on the weekends, including restaurants, malls, movie theatres, parks in the area, and neighbouring tourist destinations. Many people also choose to go to social events or spend time at home with friends and family.


Question: What do older adults do to relax?

Answer: Spending time with family and grandchildren, reading, gardening, going for walks in parks, and doing yoga or meditation are common ways for older people to relax. Moreover, many people find comfort in engaging in religious and spiritual pursuits.


Question: Do you think we should take a day off from work?

Answer: A healthy work-life balance requires periodic breaks, but workload and deadlines must also be considered. Taking a day off should be planned responsibly to guarantee that work obligations are as little disturbed as possible. 


Question: What is the importance of relaxation?

Answer: We need to relax in order to live a healthy and happy life. It is wise to rest in order to decompress and refuel for the upcoming challenges in our modern day of excessive stress caused by intense competition and skyrocketing inflation. 


Question: What are the ways people relax themselves?

Answer: There are many other ways that people relax, such as taking up hobbies, exercising, spending time in nature, practising mindfulness or meditation, interacting with others, pursuing creative endeavours, or indulging in entertainment like music or movies. The choice of relaxation technique is frequently influenced by lifestyle and personal interests.


There are multiple sample responses and follow-up questions for the IELTS speaking cue card topic, "Describe a place where you would like to go to relax," which is listed above. It might be a great place to get inspiration for the speaking cue card portion of the IELTS exam. But in order to do well, remember to adapt your vocabulary and speaking manner. Remember that you can easily ace IELTS speaking cue card questions with the right approach and consistent practice.

We hope now you have an idea of how to answer the “Describe a place where you would like to go to relax” type of cue card questions in your IELTS speaking test. But, still, if you are, if you want to get further details or would like to prepare for IELTS, then you can contact Prepare IELTS exam (PI) expert counsellors for further guidance. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best test material and guidance to ace the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session and an IELTS online practice test via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388 for further queries.


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