Describe your favourite movie - IELTS speaking cue card

Describe your Favourite Movie - IELTS speaking cue card

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Describe your Favourite Movie


Speaking is more than just displaying a vast vocabulary; it is an art that requires precise attention. The IELTS speaking test cue card portion allows you to demonstrate your language competence and express yourself in great depth.

This blog is dedicated to deciphering the complexities of replying to a common IELTS speaking cue card topic: "Describe your favourite movie" The choice of this topic emphasises the importance of personal thoughts and viewpoints, allowing test-takers to demonstrate their linguistic abilities.

Describe your favourite movie IELTS cue card - sample answer 1


To be completely honest, I don't really enjoy watching films. Therefore, I don't watch films very often. Having said that, I do occasionally watch films to unwind and reduce my stress related to work. I, therefore, enjoy seeing more informative films that impart knowledge. These days, India is producing some incredible ones. Right now, Mission Mangal, a Bollywood film, comes to mind as one such film. 


When and where do you see it? 

I think I watched it in January last year, or maybe even before. That Sunday, by chance, all of my family members were at home and in the mood for fun. My cousin then recommended that we watch this fantastic film. We, therefore, hooked Hotstar to our home theatre system and had the entire family watch it there. 


What type of film was it? / What the film was about? 

It's a really inspirational and educative movie. Since it is based on actual events from India's trip to Mars, it is accurate to say that India was the only nation to land on the planet successfully on its first try. Thus, the main focus is on India's manned expedition to Mars. The plot revolves around the Indian scientists' perseverance, commitment, and hard work towards completing their mission successfully. Given that the majority of the scientists portrayed in the film are female, the film also clarifies what it really means to empower women. It also highlights the difficulties that our Indian scientific team had to overcome in order to accomplish this mission with great accomplishment.


And explain why it is your favourite film? 

That's why it's my favourite movie; it makes me so proud of our space agency, ISRO, for reaching this milestone in spite of so many obstacles.

I've seen this movie a lot, and it inspires me to put in a lot of effort and maintain my focus on my objectives no matter what. In addition, it gives me a positive sense of empowerment as a woman and motivates me to continue studying because I also want to become a scientist and earn a PhD degree. 


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Describe your favourite movie IELTS cue card - sample answer 2


For Indians, watching films has traditionally been the main leisure activity. However, films have advanced to a new level in the previous few years. They are insightful in addition to being enjoyable. Here, I would like to talk about one of the best and most timeless movies, 3 Idiots. 


When and where do you see it? 

This movie was produced by my favourite producer, Raj Kumar Hirani. Since the genre of the movie was comedy-drama, which is my favourite genre, my friend and I decided to watch this movie as soon as our 10th boards were over. Apart from this, Aamir Khan was also casted in this movie, and he is the finest actor in the film industry. I was extremely eager to watch this film. 


What type of film was it? 

Even though it was released in 2009, this film is still among my all-time favourites. It has been around for a while. I seem to recall that I watched it during my school days. The movie has numerous thrilling turns and is expertly made. It became rather well-known among viewers everywhere. 


What the film was about? 

Three college friends from a prominent Indian university were the main subject of the movie. The plot centres on the protagonists, who come from various cultural backgrounds and have diverse life objectives but wind up attending an engineering school. Hence, discussing how Asian parents pressure their kids to pursue their aspirations. One of them is endowed with an extremely technical intellect and a distinct outlook on life. However, the other two showed little interest in engineering and had different interest areas. Rather, their forte was something else, but due to their parents' pressure, they ended up joining engineering college. 


And explain why it is your favourite film? 

This is my favourite movie because it addresses a lot of important topics, like friendship, success, and the state of our country's educational system. The friendship of three college classmates is shown in the film. It also teaches us that in order to succeed in life, we should follow our passions rather than stressing over grades. The movie also criticises the Indian educational system, which emphasises grades more than originality and creative thinking when placing students in jobs.  

Describe your favourite movie IELTS cue card - sample answer 3


For many years, films have been a fantastic way to pass the time. A wide range of genres are enjoyed by viewers, with action, thrillers, comedies, historical, mythological, and fiction constantly being favourites. A lot of students watch documentaries, which offer essential information in both aural and visual forms, because films are also an excellent educational resource. 


When and where do you see it? 

Here, I am going to talk about a historical movie, Padmavat. During my high school years, I watched this movie. It quickly gained popularity after being launched. People were giving very good reviews for this movie. 


What type of film was it? 

Padmavat is an Indian Hindi-language historical drama film released in 2018. It was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and based on the epic poem of the same name by Malik Muhammad Jayasi. It stars Deepika Padukone as the stunning Rajput queen Rani Padmavati, the wife of Shahid Kapoor's character Maharawal Ratan Singh. 


What the film was about? 

The film is about the history of the western Indian state of Mewar. A despotic monarch and his army in mediaeval India invaded a wealthy kingdom intending to take the stunning Queen Padmavati prisoner. Maharawal Ratan Singh, her husband, musters his brave warriors to protect his territory and his wife's honour. 


And explain why it is your favourite film? 

I really liked this film as it shows the richness and elegance of Indian history. Apart from this, it also depicts the strength, commitment, honesty, and dedication of Queen Padmavat, which is the most interesting thing about this movie. 


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IELTS Speaking Test Part 3: Follow up Questions

Question: Do you think (watching) films have (has) any educational benefits?

Answer: Yes, there are numerous educational advantages to watching films. A few motion pictures are based on true stories. Historical documentaries provide an understanding of bygone eras. Films introduce us to different civilisations. Documentaries are entertaining to watch and have educational value. One can improve their English language skills by viewing English-language films.  


Question: In what ways are documentary films and films only for entertainment different?

Answer: There are a lot of distinctions between entertainment-only and documentary films. While entertainment-only films rely on imagination and inventiveness, documentaries are based on actual events. Facts are used in documentaries but not in entertainment-only movies. While entertainment-only films are intended for a wider audience, documentary films are intended for a more niche audience. Thus, it is important to emphasise these key distinctions. 


Question: Why do you think documentary films are less popular?

Answer: The primary reason documentaries are not as well-liked is that they are typically not very engaging. They used to discuss weighty subjects like social issues, and it's true that even documentaries have a lot of intense and serious material. People find it difficult to watch these kinds of shows in their daily lives because they deal with a lot of reality, like somebody’s death. These, I believe, are the main reasons why people dislike watching documentaries. 


Question: How are movies and real life different?

Answer: In actual life, very little of what you see in films is accurate. This covers plays that are solely concerned with interpersonal relationships. You can only acquire, at most, fragments or little slices of actual life. The majority of characters in films spend significantly more money than they ought to. In movies, dialogue is always perfect, with no one interrupting another person unless it's a dramatic moment. That's not how things operate in the real world. Movies are easy to watch, whereas life is not simple.


Question: Do men and women watch the same kind of films?

Answer: Indeed, I believe that the likes and desires of the two sexes differ. I believe men always find adventurous and extremely thriller movies that they like to watch and hold their interest in. On the other hand, women always like emotional and romantic movies that are able to find a lot of ideas and communicate their life into reality. 


Question: Do different age groups like the same kind of films?

Answer: Depending on what appeals or doesn't appeal to them, different age groups make different choices. It is contingent upon their individuality. Your personality makes you who you are. It shapes your perception of specific circumstances and the decisions you make. In the same way, certain movie genres fit your personality while others don't. Not everyone enjoys documentaries. Some find satires funny. Some find it offensive since it goes against how their brain is programmed to behave. Not every viewer will enjoy the same film.


Question: Do you like any particular film star? Why?

Answer: Yes, I guess. I think Akshay Kumar is great. He is the epitome of an actor. In addition to his films, he has an incredibly inspirational lifestyle and attitude. Like me, he sleeps and wakes up early, and millions of others look up to him for fitness motivation. He has a lot to teach us about self-control and discipline. He's my favourite since I find him to be so motivational and inspiring. 


Question: Do you like movie stars who were treated like God?

Answer: In India, it is customary to depict cinema stars as divine beings. I don't think that's correct. Some real-life heroes are deserving of greater recognition, notoriety, and opportunity than anyone else. But people just identify them as movie stars, not as valuable. 


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Don't rush to respond to the IELTS Speaking test cue card, "Describe your favourite movie," as it requires some analytical thought. Take a few minutes to be ready before responding to the questions. 

We hope you are now clear on how to answer cue card questions like “Describe your favourite movie” type of IELTS speaking cue card questions. But, still, if you want to get further details on how to prepare for IELTS, you can contact the Prepare IELTS exam (PI) expert counsellors for further guidance. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best guidance in the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session online via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388


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