Describe a Foreign Person who you have heard - IELTS speaking cue card

Describe a Foreign Person who you have heard - IELTS speaking cue card

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Foreign Person who you have heard


“Describe a Foreign Person who you have heard” is a topic that always excites people when it comes to IELTS speaking cue cards. This blog post gives two sample responses to describe a foreign person you have heard about. You can learn how to respond to these kinds of questions on the IELTS speaking cue card by using these responses.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 follow-up questions and answers are also available in the blog, so read it carefully.

Describe a Foreign Person who you have heard Cue Card - Sample Answer 1


In today’s modern world, digital creators have gained immense popularity. They have high influential power, especially among the youth. So, today, I would like to talk about one such popular digital creator who is a foreigner.


Who is this person?

Cinderella Jennifer is a former member of the Air Asia cabin crew and a digital creator. The United Kingdom is where she was born. She is a well-known social media star who gained fame for posting videos on her Instagram account detailing her experiences as a cabin staff member.


How do you know this person?

I regularly see her content on my Instagram account since I am interested in the airline sector. I was curious, so one day, I checked her account. Her work is astounding; it's humorous and educational at the same time. She pays attention to little things that set her work apart from others, and the information she offers is authentic and accurate.


What kind of person is this?

A person's Instagram posts do not necessarily reflect who they are. However, Cinderella Jennifer is slightly different; I started following her when she had few followers, and her popularity grew. She continued to be the same modest lady even as her fame increased.

She was forced to close her tiny business, which she had founded only for charitable intentions, during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she continued to work for charities. She made an effort to use what she had to assist as many people as she could.

She did all of that out of a desire to give back to the world, not to gain popularity. According to her, all we do when we are born into this world is take; thus, it is our duty to return the favour.


Why do you think this person is interesting?

Cinderella Jennifer's transparency makes her an interesting and inspirational person, in my opinion. She is a very kind-hearted and hardworking lady. Also, she believes in transforming the lives of the youth by interacting with them on social media. Moreover, her story of becoming a pilot from a humble, lower-middle-class family makes her personality endearing and inspiring.



In conclusion, she is one of my favorite influencers as well as a role model on social media.

Describe a Foreign Person who you have heard Cue Card - Sample Answer 2


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada was the person about whom I have heard a lot. News articles and other resources informed me about him and his work. With a compelling personality, Justin Trudeau is a determined leader, an excellent listener, and a talented orator. Mr. Trudeau's birthplace is Ottawa, Canada.


Who is this person?

He is one of Canada's most successful prime ministers and has a great fan following due to his amazing ideologies to develop the country. He is a bachelor's degree holder in both education and literature. One of Mr Justin Trudeau's intriguing facts is that he taught French, Humanities, and Maths to high school students.


How do you know this person?

Despite working in multiple fields, he has managed to hold onto these skills. It could be due to his previous employment at a radio station that he is such a skilled public speaker. This charming person has acted in the Great War miniseries and loves to perform. In 2018, while on tour in India, Justin became my list's most influential foreign person.

Such a distinguished and high-ranking position calls for a kind disposition and lack of conceit. His family and he took on Indian customs and clothing while they were there. They visited Amritsar and the Golden Temple and worked as volunteers at the Community Kitchen. The fact that they appreciated and supported Indian culture struck me as excellent.


What kind of person is this?

The person's list of achievements is lengthy. Among them are outlawing assault weapons, working on gender equality, and creating a national childcare policy. He has contributed to environmental protection by putting a ban on single-use plastics. By 2030, he says he can cut Canada's greenhouse gas emissions by thirty percent.


Why do you think this person is interesting?

His government actively addressed the problem during COVID-19. I consider him to be an inspiration to the younger generation. He is the one from whom youth leaders need to learn about management and organisation. He is a wonderful example of a composed leader who strives to improve the world.



Lastly, he has improved the quality of life for Canadians, and his future plans will only serve to improve the nation's standard of living further.

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IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Follow Up Questions

Question: Do you have any foreign friends, and do you think having foreign friends is a good way to get to know other countries?

Answer: Yes, a couple of my friends who moved to different nations not too long ago, and they went there to complete their further education a few years ago. When a friend visits, it's ideal to have a FaceTime talk and learn about the local customs and culture. By learning about their language, we can also learn about their culture. Most of them experiment with food in order to gain a solid understanding of cooking techniques.


Question: Do you think it’s important to know the culture and language before going to another country?

Answer: Yes, I believe that learning a little bit about other people's cultures and languages before travelling there is essential. Additionally, it's currently very simple to learn about any nation with a single click, and Google is among the greatest resources for this. We could definitely close the gap with the locals if we did this. This is also a fantastic chance for us to reach out to new acquaintances.


Question: What do you think of people who work in international companies?

Answer: I believe that employees of multinational corporations receive good exposure. Through their interactions with international coworkers, they have the opportunity to learn about the cultures of various nations. The workplace is incredibly inclusive and diverse, which creates wonderful prospects now and in the future.


Question: What abilities do people need to have when working in an international company?

Answer: Working in an international organisation requires a variety of qualities, some of which are good communication, interpersonal skills, language and cultural awareness, openness to learning, and a cooperative approach.


Question: Is it mandatory to know a foreign language?

Answer: In my opinion, knowing a language other than one's native tongue is crucial because it facilitates better communication, whether it be for a college presentation or speech or for business dealings with international corporations. It is, therefore, essential to a non-native language.


We have learned about the significance of the IELTS speaking cue card above. You should practise answering these kinds of questions to get better at cue cards if you plan to participate in the speaking portion. We've included some sample questions about the "Describe a Foreign Person who you have heard " in this blog. Together, you can practise getting ready for the IELTS Cue Card.

We hope that after reading the blog, you will be able to respond to the questions in your IELTS speaking exam that ask you to "Describe a Foreign Person who you have heard ."However, you can contact Prepare IELTS (PI) expert counsellors for additional guidance if you want further details on preparing for IELTS. Our team of education experts is dedicated to providing you with the best test material and guidance to ace the IELTS exam. You can get a one-on-one counselling session and an IELTS online practice test via our platform. Contact us at or call us at +91 9773398388 for further queries.


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