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IELTS General Listening Test

English is a native language in many nations, and you must demonstrate your English ability in order to work or live in these countries. The IELTS General Exam will assist you in proving it and gaining a good job in foreign countries.

The IELTS General test assesses applicants' English competence in four areas: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. We're going to talk about the IELTS General Listening Exam here.

IELTS General Listening Test

The IELTS General Listening Test is divided into four parts. Each part has one recording and ten questions. You must attentively listen to all four recordings and answer all 40 questions in 30 minutes as specified in the exam.

You will be presented with situations in all four recordings. Although the 1st & 2nd are based on ordinary events you have encountered and the 3rd & 4th may occur in an educational or training context.

The recordings of 1st & 3rd are conversations between two or more people, and the remaining recordings are monologues.

According to the analysis, all multiple-choice questions involving matching information, headers, features, and sentence ends, as well as sentence, summary, note, table, diagram, or flow-chart completion kinds of questions appear in the listening test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

IELTS General Listening Test is conducted to check the ability to know the primary concepts, comprehensive facts, perspectives, purpose, and attitudes of the speakers, as well as your ability to follow the evolution of ideas.

Prepare IELTS (PI) provides you with the free IELTS General Listening Test. If you want to live or work in the English language native countries, then you should take this test for practice. Our experts designed this test to help the candidates in their exam preparation.

You can improve your listening skills by practicing more of it. You should listen to English music and podcasts, and watch English series without subtitles. The more you listen to the language, the more you improve.

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Yes, you can retake the Listening test if you are not getting a good band score. But before taking it again, you have to practice as much as you can.

IELTS One Skill Retake provides you the facility to retake one of the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking).

Yes, every year, many candidates can pass IELTS Listening Test on the first attempt. If you are going to appear and want to clear General Listing on the first attempt, then you should follow the correct preparation strategy. Also, you should check the complete structure of the listening test. It will help you get a good band score on the exam.