Describe your first mobile phone - IELTS speaking cue card

Describe your first mobile phone - IELTS speaking cue card

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Describe your first mobile phone - IELTS speaking cue card


The speaking portion of the IELTS test consists of a range of cue card questions that an applicant may encounter during the test; these questions may vary from one another. They could include anything from your busy schedule to your first time at the movie theatre. In today's blog, we will explore some sample answers to the common cue cad question, "Describe your first mobile phone". 

Describe your first mobile phone cue card - sample answer 1


These days, it's thought that everyone needs a cell phone. Without this device, life is inconceivable. However, one should only purchase mobile phones based on their needs, rather than just for the sake of owning it. 


When did you get this mobile/cellphone?

Mobile phones have been around for a while, but I got one lately, and it took a lot of work. I still remember the day I received my first cell phone. Three or four years ago, I was in my final year of graduating. All of my buddies used mobile phones to keep connected to their families. It was something I also wanted to buy, but my parents didn't support that decision.  


How did you get it?

I never asked my parents to purchase me a phone, but they knew I needed one. For my birthday, they chose to give me a single cell phone. They bought a Redmi 6, which is the company's most recent type of mobile phone. To be perfectly honest, I never questioned them how much that cost until I stumbled across the purchase receipt one day while searching for other documents. That's when I learned they paid Rs. 11,700/- for it. The model was expensive and feature-rich.  


What did you use it for?

Although the most advanced technology at the time was in my first cell phone, modern phones have many more features. I'm currently using a phone with 128 GB of internal storage; however, it has 64 GB of RAM. It is helpful to me to have all the information I need at my fingertips. Similar to other high-end mobile cameras, this one has superb camera quality.


And explain how you felt when you got it.

I was ecstatic to get the phone because, at the time, it was a very popular model. The most recent features were pre-installed, such as an 8 MP camera, a media player, and additional built-in apps like Facebook and YouTube.


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Describe your first mobile phone cue card - sample answer 2


Our daily lives now are entirely interwoven with mobile gadgets. I'll tell you a little about my first mobile phone, or what I can remember, as my memory is a little fuzzy and I don't think I had one from last four or five years ago. 


When did you get this mobile/cellphone? 

Here's how I got my first mobile phone: I've been bugging my dad to get one for a while, but he kept telling me that I wasn't old enough and didn't need one. However, he felt I genuinely needed it, so he gave in and took me shopping to choose one when I was around sixteen. 


How did you get it? 

I remember asking the salesperson to recommend a mobile phone to us when we first visited the store because we didn't know anything about them. We ultimately chose to go with the most affordable and basic phone they had because I wanted to use it for something other than having many features; all I wanted to use it for was to call and text people.


What did you use it for? 

I took really good care of it, and it lasted for a long time. I remember spending approximately 200 rupees on a leather case to safeguard it. I used it for a good four or five years, playing games and making calls and messages to my classmates before moving on to a better one. And now my small brother is using that mobile phone. 


And explain how you felt when you got it. 

Since it was my first phone, and my father gave it to me, it is very special in my heart. 


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IELTS speaking part 3 - Follow-up Questions

Question: Do you like having a mobile phone?

Answer: Apart from making calls and conversing with friends, I use my phone for a lot of other things. I use it to navigate, watch videos, listen to music, and play games like Ludo and chess. Also, I use it for photos and notes.


Question: Is it a good or a bad thing to have a mobile phone? Why?

Answer: Whether it's good or terrible doesn't really matter to me because that's how we communicate and do business these days. People use their mobile devices for various purposes, including taking photos, searching for information, purchasing online, banking, and communicating for business. It is crucial; without it, a lot of things would be difficult. However, it can be bad for people who do not use it effectively. 


Question: What can you do with a mobile phone?

Answer: These days, mobile phones are used a lot, allowing people to contact others through calls, messages, and video calls. Moreover, it can be used for some necessary things like paying bills, doing online business, managing social media marketing, etc. Apart from this, mobile phones contain various other features as well, and their usage can differ from one person to another based on their requirement. 


Question: Do old and young people use mobile phones in the same way?

Answer: No, elderly people still call others when they want to converse in general. Millennials are partial to text messaging. However, there is no wonder that the number of photos elderly people take with their smartphones, or how many services or apps they use, will be less compared to younger generations. Older people still predominantly see a mobile phone as a tool for interpersonal communication. It is a daily tool used by younger people to assist them in doing chores that are part of their daily lives. 


Question: Do most people in your country have mobile phones?

Answer: Yes, most people in my nation are smartphone owners, especially adults. Even the most rural areas of India will soon have mobile phone connectivity to the Internet thanks to government efforts, and smartphones are already quite affordable.


Question: Are children allowed to use mobile phones in your country?

Answer: Regrettably, it is typical to witness children using phones. Parents let their children watch videos and play games on their iPhones to keep them occupied. However, youngsters are not allowed to use cell phones in classrooms or universities due to the need to maintain discipline.


Question: What are the effects of someone making a lot of noise by using a cell phone in a public place?

Answer: It is annoying when someone uses a mobile in a public setting and creates a lot of noise. It is very bothersome and causes a lot of disruption in settings like classrooms, libraries, hospitals, and houses of worship. People should ensure they do not disturb others when using cell phones in public. 


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In conclusion, you can showcase your English language proficiency and share some of your personal history by describing your first mobile phone. Remember to communicate properly, stay on the subject, and add vivid details and feelings to your story. Use the suggested strategies to improve your speaking skills and go into the test with assurance. You could meet and even surpass the IELTS examiners' expectations if you prepare well.

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